Invitation to Goa, India for Therapist Retreat in 2013


Preliminary Plans for SHEN and Beyond… Therapist Retreat in Goa, India 2013.  
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Invitation for SHEN and Beyond… Therapist Retreat in Goa, India 2013
Retreat and self nurturing event for experienced therapists trained in the SHEN family of therapies: SHEN, Kairos, EQ, Biofield and Healing Therapies.

Our British colleague Sheila Kaye has invited us to do our next retreat at her villa in Goa, India. It would suit my plans to facilitate the retreat either late January or early March, since I plan to join TellusArt for their 2013 events all of February (preliminary). Once their dates are set and we have your feedback, we’ll set the actual dates.

Sheila writes:
“My villa is in north Goa, a place slightly inland called Arpora, which is convenient for restaurants, beaches, markets etc.  I work from my mezzanine at my home which could probably accomodate 3 tables. We could also use the guest bedroom as a treatment room, for a total of 4. I can offer a one bed flat and a double room as accomodation for guests. The one bed apartment also has a bed settee. See photos below. I do charge for accomodation — in January the flat will cost £250 per week and in March £150 per week, the double room in my house will cost £105 per week in January and £ 80 per week in March. Additional accomodation in close by hotels if needed, I’m gathering rates and room options.
There is a lovely pool at my house and I swim most mornings and do a little yoga — classes are plentiful and there are belly dancing and Zumba classes also which could be arranged.. I would welcome some meditators about as it would give me the impetus I need to kick start my practice! The pool is a decent size and residents can use that together with the sunbeds.

Regarding hygiene — restaurants are clean and plentiful, there are dishes to suit all tastes whether veggie or not. Tummy upsets can be avoided by careful eating. I have only once had an upset in 15 years of being in India, and that was not in Goa!  There is a reliable water filter in the flat and in my house, also tv, washing machine etc etc

I travel by scooter when here in Goa but taxis are plentiful and amenties easily accessible. Round the corner from my house there is a French run cafe which does great breakfasts, pizzas etc and a local shop for milk, tea, eggs etc etc.  Restaurants are a 10 minute walk away but there are numerous excellent  eating places within a 10 minute drive.

I have guests who are in India longterm and they come to me initially to chill out, and I then help them plan a travel itinerary — that might be useful for some to consider.”

This is your retreat, for you. As your facilitator, I try to make the experience suit the particular group and setting. We focus on doing our therapy, but allow room for an exercise or two that is congruent with and enhances the therapy experience, such as art or movement. If you want to share some of your favorite tools, we make room for that. We try to make an excursion or two locally for fun and nurturing as well as socializing. At previous retreats we’ve self catered breakfast and lunch, then gone out for dinner. I do charge a nominal fee for facilitation, $75.

Fund raising. I’ve been checking out sites like GoFundMe to help raise money to cover our retreat expenses. Most sites charge a percentage, and in the end the simplest and most economical solution is to use PayPal. Funds will be split equally among participants for each retreat to help defray our expenses. Donations are earmarked “SHEN and Beyond… Therapist Retreats”

Please let us both know as soon as possible your interest in coming and if you prefer January or March 2013.
Sheila Kaye sheshens121 at hotmail dot com
Eva Dillner eva at divinedesign dot nu

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