Individual Expressions at Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi

I’m proud be one of the artists invited to participate in this group show.

Individual Expressions

An exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures
April 23 – 29, 2012
Lalit Kala Akademi
Rabindra Bhawan
New Delhi, India

Individual Expressions
“Three Swedish and nine Indian Artists all come together to exhibit their individual styles in sculpture, painting and print at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi from 23rd to 29th April, 2012.

Three prominent Senior Women Artists from Sweden – Anita Elgerot, Eva Dillner and Gunilla Löfgren are presenting their own vibrant and sparkling expressions. Each one of them has her unique, sound and individual identity of technique, in the field of Contemporary Art.

Other contemporary sculpture R. Shiriniwasan from Chennai has explored human forms in his work by casting multi-metallic materials. He has come up with powerful works like femininity & curiosity, and has shown wonders in metal craft.

Manmadha Rao has done remarkably with simplicity and softness with plaster of Paris. Fascinating line, texture and colour show his individualistic touch in his three dimensional sculptures.

Ishwar Dayal‘s prints are in mixed media (etching, relief and intaglio) with the strokes and textural backgrounds. He has done many works in graded yellow and black tones which reflect his individual approach in his works.

Ninmal Prakash has done works in mixed media (relief and intaglio) and has given individual touch to his works by using light colors and textures.

Meena Baya has expressed through figurative art, with striking colors like red, orange, blue, purple, yellow and green. Meena Baya uses textures in paintings and her works mostly represent rural background as a theme.

Sankari Mitra is again a figurative artist. Her portraits of resting women depict her flexible moods. The colours of the faces are very light like grey, blue and pink. This phenomenon is prominent in all her works.

Jang S. Verman is an individual stylist artist. His works are mostly in black and white textured background. The works depict mysterious atmosphere in his innovative style of no paint images (with electro-photo technique). He has mixed many media and techniques to develop these images.

Safi Chaman is also unique in his paintings for his objects and designs are multidimensional with prominent big size spaces and charming colors. The works speak of his expressive wonders.

In my works the themes revolves around a concept depicting varying moods of the Nature and the Artist. Vivid application of color, texture and hues with equally unique painting attributes helps to substantiate the occult fragrance of the picture in a contemporary context.”

Prabhinder Singh Lall
Curator and Participant

Local news picked up story on our exhibition in India…

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