Seattle Meditative Art Exhibit


Meditative Art Show in Seattle at Indigo Fusion Spa & Gallery
Former Seattle native Eva Dillner shows her art in Seattle for the first time. She was one of fifteen artists selected to go to India with TellusArt for exhibits and workshops at Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai and three other cities in India.

Her art has been described as magical, mystical, dreamy, inspiring, fantastic, emotional, healing, like stars being born, a journey through Cosmos and Mother Earth. Art show opens with a Golden Age for Peace Event (~ $5) on Saturday July 3rd from 6pm – 9pm

Come join the folks at Indigo Fusion, share in celebration, and spread peace on Earth. The purpose of this event is to help us humans feel joy, love, abundance, and peace in our hearts and in our lives so that we can be more effective in spreading this to the people in our lives and to the rest of the world. This event also gives you a chance to be the first to see the new art on display in our spa/gallery. Each month is different and includes fun activities like dance, art, music, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy and more. Please bring a potluck dish to share.

Indigo Fusion Spa & Gallery is open Monday-Friday between 10am – 7pm.
Eva’s art show runs through August 6.

Although Eva’s family is full of artistic talent, it took a while before Eva discovered that vein in herself. Born (1952) and raised in Sweden, she moved to Seattle, WA, USA (1967) in her teens. She graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and cruised into an international career in the paper industry. Mid life crisis and burnout (1991) led her to deep studies of inner processes, which altogether could constitute a university degree in life energy.

Eva started painting while in Shen Therapy in Seattle (1991). Her therapist/artist encouraged Eva to express emotions without words. Using intense watercolors, Eva poured her pain into haunting images that spoke more than words could ever express. Years later in Sweden (2000), Eva found Vedic Art, a set of 17 principles for the creative process developed by Curt Källman and the Maharishi.

After the initial course of four weekends, Eva and her friends started a peer learning group, continuing to meet one weekend a month. They talked and painted and socialized. They shared techniques and explored ideas and philosophies. After six years, Eva felt a need to move on, in order to grow another notch. She painted at home for a time. Then in the summer of 2008 she went to Öland, an island in the Baltic Sea, where Vedic Artists from all over the world congregate to paint in barns. The large easels and open spaces were perfect for Eva’s approach. She could work on several canvases at once, and best of all she didn’t have to worry about making a mess. Freedom to just let it explode. Her art took off.

She was one of fifteen Swedish artists chosen to go to India with TellusArt for workshops and exhibits with outstanding Asian artist at prestigious museums in four cities, starting with the art capital of Mumbai at the Prince of Wales Museum.

Eva Dillner is a writer, artist, therapist and teacher specializing in creative and therapeutic processes for inspiration and transformation. Through her company Divine Design she publishes books and art calendars as well as audio and e-books. Her publishing partners are on the leading edge of the digital age.

In between writing and painting she travels and does the occasional exhibition or workshop, somewhere in the world.

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