Proposed Retreat: Shen and beyond… April 2010 in Dalaman, Turkey

In the last few years my travels have taken me far and wide. Whenever the opportunity has presented itself, I’ve taken the opportunity to meet up with fellow therapists and teachers who have their origins in Shen. Whatever the name used for this great therapy, be it Shen, Kairos, biofield therapy, healing therapy or energy work, I keep hearing the same message: The work is what is important, the ability to empower people and help them heal.

I’ve just returned from a visit with Jenny Jones, formerly of the UK, now in Rhodes and Turkey. Her place in Dalaman would be a perfect place for a retreat
and she liked my idea for a peer sharing event.

What has struck me as I’ve traded with Marit or Jenny, assisted Deirdre on a course, had breakfast with Jan, lunch with Maureen and Jimmy, or email correspondence with Mary, or talked with Sisko and Eva – each one of you have developed skills and know how that I believe would be of benefit if shared with each other. You may not even realize that you’re doing something special. Until someone asks you how you knew to do or say such and such…

What I’d like to see is a retreat where we trade (swap is another English word) sessions, share what we experience, where there is room for formal presentations as well as spur of the moment sharing. Often, it is after a session or during conversation that you realize you’ve collected know how that is of interest to others. I would gladly facilitate this retreat, to give it a certain amount of structure, but with plenty of room to follow the flow. I’d also like to present creative dance using the elements earth, water, fire and air as well as some toning to demonstrate how to use sound and movement to enhance the therapy experience.

Turkey is a fascinating place, rich in nature, geology, trees, fruit, vegetables, a cross roads of east and west, shamanic at its core and very spiritual. There is lots to do before and after, if you wish, from the local market in Dalaman or the sulfur baths at ThermeMaris, hiking the Lycean trail, doing Istanbul and perhaps Konya, home of the sufis. Turkey is mooreish

Does this sound interesting? Would the end of April 2010 be good? We’re thinking five days, with breakfast and lunch at the house then go out together for dinner. What topic would you like to present or discuss, if any? This is the time to share your thoughts so we can accommodate your input. Jenny would arrange tables and chairs, but we do ask you to bring cradles.

Please send this on to your connections who may be interested in coming. This retreat would be a peer sharing event for those already practising Shen etc. Our hope is to connect across the spectrum of all those who started out with Shen and then scattered in the winds. May all of you fly in on a breeze to Dalaman next April.

Eva Dillner and Jenny Jones

PS from Eva Dillner – After a too long break with no therapy space, I’m now set up to see clients again on an individual basis here in Sweden. Jenny is working on the beautiful island of Rhodes this summer.

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