Going home

I can’t say I’m surprised that my journey is leading me back to the US. The signs were there. Intuition kept nudging me. Reason stopped me. Time and again. Until the Swedish Pension Board pulled the financial rug out from under my feet. Not the first time in my life with an abrupt change of plans. No experience is ever wasted, however. The whole planning to build a house process helped me gain clarity of what I truly want in a house. Truth be known, the fun part was doing the research and dreaming. Ever so much easier to buy an already built home and remodel from there.

To help me decide on the where, I consulted an astrocartographer, who wrote the book on the role of the least aspected planet. I already had the maps, but not the deeper interpretation. But I was keenly aware of how my least aspected planet lines crossed India, a place where my art all of a sudden took off. I was acknowledged in a way that never happens in Sweden. These same lines run along the West Coast of the United States. Intuition does guide us to where we need to be, but nice to get a deeper clarification to what is at work.

I’ve set in motion plans to return to the Puget Sound area, this time on the Peninsula side: North Kitsap County, or north of there somewhere between Sequim and Whidbey Island. I want to walk the beach, hike in the forests, reconnect with friends and family. I want to work with my art and continue to write books. It’s amazing how much research you can do on line. It’ll be a bit of work to set up the business end, but in the long run ever so much easier to be in one country, one languge, one financial system.

Off and on my mind reminds me of the house I owned in Marysville. Split level with unfinished basement. Something like that would suit both my living and business requirement. Or perhaps a beach cabin where I can build an art studio on the property. Or some other combination of living space with a separate shop for my art.

For now I’m focused on wrapping up my life here. I have several art shows coming up as well as the regional open art studios, which will take me to mid June. In the meantime I need to put my house on the market, sell the lot on Öland and plan my move for late summer. I’m looking forward to going home. My work in Sweden is done.



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