Name the Art Contest – February 2014


Last year’s calendar contest was so popular that I decided to create a new contest tied to next year’s calendar. Since so many visitors to my web site and art shows spontaneously come up with names or descriptions of what they experience, I thought, what could be more appropriate than a Name the Art Contest?

Of course I’d like you to all to run out and buy the calendar, but purchase is not a requirement for entering the contest.

What can you win? Prizes are three pairs, or diptychs, of original art. I’ll be presenting the art as well as the prizes in a series of posts.

This time, the I present the art for February 2014.

©2006 Eva Dillner
February 2014 Art Calendar

I don’t name my art, but give each piece a letter and number for identification. That way each observer gets a unique experience. You see what you see. Someone else sees something completely different. Let time stand still while you ponder the painting. Let your eyes rest, let them float through the art, allow yourself to be swept away on a “walkabout” of the mind. The longer you meditate on a painting, the more you will see. Visitors to my art shows often mingle by my works while dialoguing about what they see. It’s not uncommon that they name the art.

What do you see? What comes to mind as you meditate on the painting? What name would you suggest for A164?

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