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Just released! The Eva Dillner 2014 Art Calendar is now available on Amazon and other internet retailers around the world. It’s a fun job to select the art for each month. Check out the Name the Art Contest for all the art in the calendar with fine original art as prizes.

Calendar Description
“I write, I paint, I travel… and occasionally do an exhibition or workshop, somewhere in the world.” Professional artist Eva Dillner shares more of her stunning contemporary abstract art in this year’s calendar.

Name the Art Contest 2014
“Visitors to my art shows and website often give titles to my work, quite spontaneously. It’s not uncommon that feedback comes long after the show is over “when I saw your painting, I got this image in my mind…” or when I return to the gallery to close a show, I get an enthusiastic tour while they chatter on about the names they’ve come up with. My works of art seem to ignite that spark of imagination. It sets your creative brain in motion and inspires dialogue. So I thought, why not do a contest tied to the Eva Dillner 2014 Art Calendar called Name the Art

Details are posted at and this is where you also enter the contest. All you have to do is submit your suggested name for the art as a comment. People can also comment on which names they like and why, to help stir the creative dialogue. The 2014 Art Calendar features 13 distinct pieces of art, one for each month, except for June that has two. I don’t name my art, but give each piece a letter and number for identification, always a combination of one letter and three numbers, such as B231. When you submit your entries for the contest, be sure to note the ID of the art along with your suggested name for that piece. Deadline for submission is March 21, 2014. Winners will be selected by me, influenced by your comments, and announced on the contest page and in my Newsletter by May 2014.

Prizes for Name the Art Contest 2014 
Three pairs, also known as diptychs, of original works of art make up the prizes this time and I will ship them to you wherever you reside on the planet. The art will be shipped to the winners in May 2014. Eventual taxes or duties are the responsibility of the winner. Prize values: 1st $2400, 2nd $600 and 3rd $600.” Read more on

I use the Amazon Search Inside feature (just sent the files to Amazon) so you can preview the calendars before you buy.  Each month has a unique and distinct piece of art for you to meditate on, be inspired by, reflect on…






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