God put a Dream in my Heart – Handbook of Life Therapy by Eva Dillner

I do plan to do an update to my first book, along with an updated edition of  Secrets of Transformation. When I find the time…


There was something missing in the self help section of bookstores. A handbook for all of us trying to sort out our inner selves. When Eva was navigating through therapy sessions and personal growth workshops, she wished she’d had this book. What happens when you start to unlock your painful memories? How do you deal with them? How does the life energy connect with our emotions? What can you do between sessions and workshops to more efficiently deal with all that is stirred? A book full of insights, exercises and meditations. Lightened up with personal anecdotes.


© 2003 Eva Dillner

Publisher 1st Books/Author House

6″x9″ Perfect Bound

121 pages

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About the book

A guide for everyone on the path of personal development, whether a beginner, a trained therapist or workshop leader.

Therapy isn’t just about letting go of our emotional pain, but also about discovering our true spiritual purpose here on earth.

In this handbook you will discover many useful tools to use on your journey. Topics include awareness, activating the biofield using breath and movement – sound – dance – laying on of hands, unfinished business, breaking up tension, experiencing emotions, where to work, evoking emotions, release and integration, God put a Dream in my Heart, common sense, Grail, creating change, discover a different way of life, money matters, marketing, training program, choosing a therapist and further meditations.

Author Eva Dillner has plucked the gems from her training with the pioneers in the therapy and personal growth movement in the USA and Europe. A pathfinder, she has been featured in major articles in the local and national press. Life Therapy may well be the psychotherapy of the future.


About the Author

“Spiritual pioneer” said the astrologer when she looked at Eva Dillner’s horoscope, with a focus on emotional release. Originally an engineer, Eva spent fifteen years in the corporate world working with project management and organizational change in the United States and France. Burned out by yet another downsizing, she left in 1991 and started training with the pioneers in the personal growth and therapy movement in the United States and Europe. She discovered the path back to life and calls her synthesis of emotional release therapy and spiritual growth “Life Therapy”. In 1998 she started the company Divine Design in Sweden and has been featured in major articles in the local as well as national press.


Reader Comments

“Handbook for Life Therapy is very simple and yet is very useful. I am reading The Naked Truth and I admire your honesty and courage. Both books worth reading for anyone on their journey of emotional release.

Ellen Smith, Kairos Therapist/Teacher in Ireland”


I have enjoyed reading your book. It’s a breath of fresh air – down to earth, clear and informative – with a gentle touch!”

Helen Thompson (Supervised SHEN Therapy Intern) Glasgow



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