SHEN Therapy & Hawaiian lomi-lomi

SHEN and Beyond Retreat Ireland 2011
SHEN and Beyond Retreat Ireland 2011

SHEN Therapy

In between writing and painting I did take on SHEN Therapy clients and facilitate SHEN and Beyond… Retreats. These days I focus on my creative endeavors writing and painting. I've kept the page for those interested in my process and path…


The SHEN family of therapies includes, but is not limited to, SHEN, Kairos, EQ, Biofield and Healing Therapy. We work with the biofield to release deeply held emotions.


SHEN Therapy is a breakthrough approach to emotional health, a radically new understanding of how emotion influences the body and the mind. Much more than an emotional triggering technique or a learned repetitive suppression of internalized responses, SHEN is a deep process of personal emotional unfolding, de-layering and growth. SHEN is best known for its superb results with any condition where retained traumatic experiences have impacted either psychological or physical functioning. SHEN has proven an effective and predictable therapy, solidly based in physics and physiology, and developed in over 30 years of clinical research and professional application.


Kairos Therapy is a specific form of hands-on emotional and physical healing that uses the chi flowing between our hands to gently release blockages that we hold in the biofield within our body. These blockages can arise as a result of physical injury, tension or emotional hurt. These blockages limit our emotional life. They can also diminish the functioning of parts of our body gradually giving rise to health problems. At the heart of Kairos is the belief that each one of us has the potential for healing and transforming our pain.


EQ Therapy is an holistic therapy which has it’s roots in both ancient and modern techniques enabling the therapist to work at a very deep level in a gentle, non threatening and highly effective manner. Although scientific evidence demonstrates that emotions are processed in the limbic system of the brain, and that we think about them in our mind, we do however feel them in our bodies; for example, we can get butterflies in our stomach or feel choked. Therefore it makes sense to work directly on the body where feelings are felt, at the same time clearing the chi energy system and relaxing tensions in the body freely, allowing the mind to automatically process them. As the chi is able to flow more freely, so memories, emotions and thoughts lift to the surface, allowing a change to take place. There is an increasing recognition that while talk therapies help to a degree, the blocks in the energy system, areas of the brain that aren’t affected by speech, pain held in the body and pre-verbal pain, are largely untouched by these approaches.


As you can see, there are several ways to describe the same thing… There’s a Swedish expression ‘kärt barn har många namn’ which translates to ‘a dear child has many names.’


SHEN and Beyond… Retreats

Retreat and self nurturing events for experienced therapists trained in the SHEN family of therapies: SHEN, Kairos, EQ, Biofield and Healing Therapies. 


My travels have taken me far and wide. Whenever the opportunity has presented itself, I’ve taken the opportunity to meet up with fellow therapists and teachers who have their origins in SHEN. Whatever the name used for this great therapy, be it SHEN, Kairos, EQ, Biofield or Healing Therapy, I keep hearing the same message: The work is what is important, the ability to empower people and help them heal.


What better way to connect us all than to meet up in various places across the globe and work with each other and ourselves. With me as facilitator we’ve so far gone to Turkey and Ireland. We’d hoped to do Goa, India in early 2013, but are now aiming for something closer to home in the British Isles or North America for the next get together.

Twenty Years with SHEN

From its origins in ancient Egypt, SHEN has remained one of the most effective healing tools on the planet. In this lifetime, I came across SHEN in the early 1990′s while living in Seattle. I trained as a therapist and instructor in Norway, England, Scotland and of course the USA. These days I see an occasional client and do SHEN and beyond Retreats for experienced therapists. I’m not a member of any of the organizations, my job seems to be the neutral hub that connects us all.


Twenty years ago, in 1991, I had my first SHEN Therapy session. I’d been wondering about the life energy in our bodies, that which is called chi, prana, ki or the biofield. From studies of the chakras I knew there had to me more. I was sitting contemplating this when a friend called, to tell me about a new therapy called SHEN.


– It’s like champagne bubbles popping in your body. You have to try this. And it’s based on physics, so that should appeal to your engineering mind.


That first session led me down a new path. I got the book, Handbook of SHEN and found the answers to all those questions. Here was a scientifically based explanation of how the life energy flowed through our bodies, that made sense. After a number of sessions I wanted more. There was a workshop coming up. I signed up. It was taught by Judith Gorman and insui Giehl. I was hooked. The next workshop was taught by Russell Fox, who came up from California to teach the course. In between I traded sessions with other trainees and continued my therapy sessions with insui. She also got me started painting, using art to express emotions I didn’t have the words for yet. Quite early on, I knew I wanted to teach this. I expressed my wish only to be told I needed to become a therapist first.


So I set out to take the requisite courses, do the 60 sessions with clients, and fulfill all the other requirements. My mentor, insui, also taught a weekly class on Life Energy Fundamentals, that showed me the incredible value of group work and got me started meditating. In those days, you had to have clients with specific issues, to show that you were capable of dealing with the assortment of complaints likely to land on your doorstep. No matter how I searched, I couldn’t come up with a migraine client. So three sessions short of certification, things came to a pause, at least as far as the official seal of approval. I continued seeing the occasional client, and exchanging sessions once a week with a therapist who later moved to Hawaii.


I didn’t exactly sit and twiddle my thumbs. I studied hypnotherapy, life mission, sound healing, gemstone therapy, personal presence and read tons of books. Judith Gorman, a key initiator of ISTA, The International SHEN Therapy Association, invited me to a potluck of recent SHEN trainees. There I met Tove Asmussen, who later became the first Scandinavian SHEN Therapist. Since I’m Swedish to begin with it was a special connection, and after many many years abroad I was feeling the tug to return to my roots. In 1998 I was ready to move back to Sweden. By this time, I had put my notion of returning to the corporate world to rest and was ready to start a therapy business in Sweden. I contacted ISTA to check on the wereabouts of Tove… and lo and behold they were doing workshops in Norway thanks to an article she’d written for Alternativt Nettverk. Energized by this good news, I signed up for a workshop in Seattle, taught by instructor intern Tess Beauchamp and mentored by Stephanie Bisceglia from the Bay Area, to refresh my skills.


A few months after my arrival in Sweden I drove up to Norway for my first workshop with Richard Pavek, founder of SHEN Therapy and author of The Handbook of SHEN. With all the Scandinavian enthusiasm around me and encouragement from Richard, I decided to complete my certification as a SHEN Therapist. They’d give me credit for my earlier work, but now the requirement was 200 sessions and more workshops. As luck would have it, the next ISTA Conference would be in San Diego. I could go visit my friends and start on the add on workshops as well as attend the conference. There I met my new mentor Carol Logan from Scotland as well as instructors Rhona Campbell (Scotland), Deirdre Leavy (Ireland), Maureen Maloney (Ireland), Jan Dederick (USA) and a host of other therapists and trainees.


Back home in Sweden I continued going to Norway for workshops, continued seeing clients for my certification requirement and found a new exchange partner. Since we lived so far apart, we would set aside a whole week to trade sessions. Most often at my house. It was excellent training to live and work together so intensely. We went to Scotland for the advanced courses together, where we met therapists and interns from all over the UK and Europe. One in particular caught my eye, as her wardrobe was just as colorful as mine. Over the years we’ve met up in many places and Jenny Jones was the first to help me organize a SHEN and Beyond… Retreat in Turkey in 2010. But I’m getting ahead of my story.


I thought I had all the requisite clients and requirements to apply for certification. My mentor wanted to be absolutely sure that the paperwork we sent in was excellent. She asked me to do another client for a series of ten. Since I lived in the countryside, the one who appeared could only come for an intensive, where you do the ten sessions over three days instead of one or two sessions a week. I had to get special permission to do that, and fax reports in between every session. It went really well. I became the first certified SHEN Therapist in Sweden.


Time passes and one day, out of the blue, my mentor calls. Would I be interested in training as an instructor? Funny how your wishes get answered, but it can take time. My Norwegian colleagues were overjoyed at the prospect. It’s a lot of extra work to translate everything you do, but on the other hand you learn it at a deeper level. Everything you do you go through at least twice.


My instructor training took me back to Scotland, then to London and to St Anselms at Margate. I especially liked working with the priests and nuns from all over the world at St Anselms, who were training as counselors with SHEN Therapy incorporated into the mix.


I was all set to go get my instructor diploma, when my mentor calls, a week before I’m to leave to do the final course. A number of the instructors had left the SHEN organization to form a new, as yet to be named therapy. I would still get my instructor certification, but they didn’t have name yet… Every time there was a split, those leaving were required to use another name for the same therapy. So this is why SHEN is also known as Biofield Therapy, Healing Therapy, Kairos Therapy and EQ Therapy.


I meandered off to write books, paint, do trades and work with clients. Since I travel a fair amount and I like to stay connected I’ve made it a point to meet up with fellow therapists and teachers. No matter which name they use for our wonderful therapy, they all say the same thing:

– We care about the work

– We care about helping people heal.

– We care about doing the best work we can.


Out of these discusssions and trades, I saw that the therapists doing the work day in and day out not only had deepened their know how beyond the basics, but were not necessarily aware of their special talents. When we trade sessions with another therapist they may say or do something that makes you wonder what they did or how they knew. I also sensed a need for us to connect across the oceans and across all the various names. We all do the same work. Thus the SHEN and beyond… Retreats were born.


Training in therapy and personal growth

By the end of 1990 I was “burned out”. When I lost my job at the beginning of 1991, I started studying therapy and personal growth for my own development. I discovered the path back to life and have mostly trained with pioneers in the field from the US and Europe. Earlier I had worked in the US and France with project management and organizational re-engineering. I hold BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering. All together, my studies in alternative therapies are equivalent to another Master’s Degree. Inspired by the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn and Emmet Fox and intuitively guided, I named my company Divine Design, it is simply the natural plan or solution, for the highest good.


SHEN Therapy is a healing method based on physics to release emotional and physical tensions in the biofield. It is one of the best therapies I’ve found to heal trauma and abuse. The organization split in 2002, into Shen and Kairos. To become a therapist takes 2-3 years of inner work, workshops and client sessions under the guidance of a mentor.

  • 1991-1993, 1997-2002 Certified Shen Therapist and Teacher Training, from Seattle to Edinburgh and beyond…
  • SHEN and beyond… Retreats. Turkey 2010, Ireland 2011

Hypnotherapy and Regressions are other methods to reach deeper levels of consciousness to release emotions, experience past lives or connect with soul between lives. Hypnosis is a natural state, simply a deeper level of relaxation than meditation. You are very relaxed, yet are able to hear and speak.

  • 1992 Certifierad Hypnotherapist American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP© A radical synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives and techniques applied to the art and skill of hypnotherapy. Studied with Jack Elias, author of the internationally acclaimed book, “Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP.”
  • “The Journey” by Brandon Bays has the same purpose as SHEN, but uses a different technique more like NLP and hypnosis. A key element of the Journey is the connection with Source.
  • 1992 The Secret of Creating Your Future with Tad James (NLP). His book “Time Life Therapy” is one of the best books on hypnosis and NLP I’ve come across.
  • 1992 Hawaiian Huna philosophy is closely related to NLP and hypnosis. It is one of the oldest traditions kept alive into modern time.
  • 1999 Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, Annika Undeborn. The massage experience is much like going to Hawaii, gentle and relaxing, it opens up the life energy to release emotional and physical tension.
  • “Past Lives, Future Healing” by Sylvia Browne explores regressions to past lives. Her method gives excellent results for exploring current relationship issues and burning karmic ribbons.

Life Mission is a broad and deep subject that can include of course life mission but also intuition, NLP, astrology, Myers-Briggs, leadership etc

  • 1994 – 1996 Gemstone Therapy was in reality an intensive course in learning to listen to and trust my intuition, to learn to let go and understand that I didn’t need to know in my head what I was doing. One of my fellow students was Daenin Tejeda
  • 1995 – 1997 Life Mission with Janene Jurgensen & Merrill-Jan McGee. I started as an apprentice and ended up co-facilitating this group.
  • 1997 Personal Presence with Jane Hundley was a deep dive into my most limiting thought and the opposite, my most positive personal truth.
  • The Michael Teachings, introduced with the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro book Messages from Michael is one of my favorite philosophies.
  • I spent several years learning about and using the Bach Flower Remedies. Energetically, they work much like the gemstone therapy. My favorite book is Bach Flower Therapy by Mechtild Sheffer.

Meditation is a natural state of consciousness we pass through between sleep and being awake. It helps us relax and be more in touch with our inner selves. There are many different ways to meditate and you need to test a few ways to find what works best for you. Come expererience meditation with and without music, breath and movement exercises, guided imagery, basic vippassana, relaxation, concept and senses meditation.

  • 1991-1993 Life Energy Fundamentals with Joan insui Giehl. Meditation, personal growth, life energy fundamentals, listen to the inner you with focus on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual presence. Since 1991 I meditate daily for 20 minutes. The lasting, deeper level of change comes after 1000 days, or three years.

Toning or Sound Healing can be anything from a playful exploration of name singing to sacral overtones. Explore chakra tones, turbo hugs, breath and movement exercises and HU song. HU is an ancient Tibetan chant that functions like the tuning fork of the soul. Toning helps you find your voice, open up your throat, connect better with your self and the two halves of the brain, deepens your breathing and helps you be here now.

  • 1994 – 1998 Studied with several sound healing groups in Seattle. Sound Healers of Washington & Mute Stones Shall Sing with Marline Lesh & Awakening Voice with Diana Nielsen. Studied breath and movement exercises for personal presence developed by Jane Hundley and Chi Yi/Art of Breathing developed by Nancy Zi

Creative Dance (aka release dancing, therapeutic dance) is the most natural way for our bodies to connect deep inside and dance its own dance to rhythms from all over the world. Gabrielle Roth’s ground breaking work is a part of this naturally therapeutic movement but there is much more.

  • 1999 – 2002 Creative Dance with Karin Swanström and peer learning group with Anne Swahn
  • Further studies with Ingela Moser & Karin Swanström

Art of Now helps you let go and be the creative process and enter into whatever wants to happen. When I paint, all my training comes into play – I let my emotions flow, I use creative dance to enhance the process, I meditate and breathe, so that the energies can flow onto the canvas. My process becomes more than the principles of Vedic Art… and finally, thanks to SWEA Art I found the name that captures my way of painting: Abstract Expressionism, where both emotions and spirituality play a significant role.

  • 2000 Vedic Art Anita Lindström.
  • 2001 – 2007 Peer learning group with Kristina Thurén.
  • Further studies with Curt Källman & Rinnie Crossler
  • etc