Art for a cause – Eva Dillner chosen for India project with TellusArt

Eva Dillner is one of 15 Swedish artists chosen for the TellusArt project “Protect Wildlife Heritage – An Appeal by Children” Art Exhibition and Workshop by children and artists from Scandinavia and Asia at the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, and..

Nov. 18, 2009 –  “I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting project. TellusArt’s innovative approach for networking and cross pollenization of cultures, blending artists and children through workshops and exhibitions, feels like a wave of the future. Here we find a playful approach to raise awareness for environmental and social issues that encourage dialogue and exchange. Children are our future and their minds aren’t yet limited by what can’t be done. The language of art goes beyond rhetoric and artists can help stretch the boundaries, creating new paths. My hope is that we can help the world see things in a new way. The earth needs our attention and loving care. If we are at all tuned in to the beauty of nature and animals in the wild, we can’t help but want to do our part.”
Eva Dillner

Art for a cause. TellusArt is committed to providing a global platform to outstanding and upcoming artists from all over the world through exhibitions, workshops and projects related to art. We are also committed towards highlighting through the power of art, issues that need collective human attention and participation to resolve.

Photos Sweden, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh & Dharampur

SVENnr3_Eva (pdf) Med konsten som motor. Artikel med bilder från en oförglömlig resa till Indien med TellusArt